"The Carolina Way"

The investigations began in July of 2010. The NCAA was looking into connections between the North Carolina Tar Heels football program and sports agents, as well as academic fraud. As a result, players were kicked off the team, head coach Butch Davis was fired, wins were vacated, the team lost scholarships, a fine was paid and a post-season ban was instituted. UNC was punished and everyone moved on, end of story.

Or was it? Allegations of more academic fraud have surfaced with connections to the UNC men's basketball team, a Goliath of the college basketball world.

This site serves as a repository for stories and investigations into further impropriety at the University of North Carolina.

Read the full story at http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-06-30/ncaa-to-investigate-fake-classes-at-university-of-north-carolina.

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The NCAA Will Investigate Fake-Classes Scandal at UNC

Regular readers of Bloomberg Businessweek know we’ve taken an interest in the long-running academic fraud scandal at the University of North Carolina. This isn’t because we’re Tar Heel fans—or foes. It’s because the spectacle of Division I football and basketball players being steered into fake classes to maintain their academic eligibility opens a window on larger …

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